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About Us

In 1999 Dawn was in search of a fun bondage item to use in the bedroom that was not made of metal or leather.  She just couldn’t find anything she felt was very comfortable to use.  Dawn went to her mom, the master sewer, to ask her ideas for a pattern she could make at home.  Together they went to the fabric store, bought the leopard print fabric, and sewed the first pair of Bondaids™ restraints.

This was BONDaids first design.

Over the years this pair of leopard print restraints followed Dawn in her basket of personal novelty items.  Eventually she lost one of the cuffs along the way.  With just a single cuff left it was rarely used and at the bottom of the basket.

In 2010 while talking with friends the topic of bondage and restraints came up.  She mentioned that she made a pair of leopard print fabric restraints before and she loved them.  Dawn got out the loan single restraint to show everyone. You could tell it was 11 years old and had been washed a few times.  Everyone thought the concept was great and Dawn should start marketing them for sale.

Dawn thought they might be right, there might be other people out there looking for something soft and comfortable to use with their partner in the bedroom.  She visited all of the local fabric stores in her area and started to buy all of the faux fur ruminates to see if she could make another pair.  With a big Rubbermaid container of fur she was ready.  Each pair she started to sew was a little different, length, material type, and pattern.  She wanted them to be perfect if she was going to sell them.  Feeling over whelmed and realizing how much work starting a business and manufacturing a product alone can be; the dream of Bondaids™ slowed down.

A year past by and Dawn decided to jump into this new business with both feet.  She started to look for someone to help her make her product.  After a lot of research and time she was able to find the perfect fabric, the perfect pattern, and the perfect team to help her manufacture the restraints.

In 2012 Bondaids™ was open for business!

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